Do you need a strategy that connects, builds trust, and draws a response?

I provide content and professional direction for dentistry and other healthcare markets. Whether your target focuses on patients or providers, I blend psychology and words for optimal results.



My background in healthcare, marketing, and copywriting offers an unmatched resource for our profession. I welcome new challenges in all facets of life. Reliable, creative, and knowledgeable, I look forward to helping you develop marketing strategies and communicate the benefits of your business or service.

"Dr. Greg offers an extremely rare blend of skills to the dental profession, and the services relating to it.  In 15 years of dental marketing, I've never had a writer that could step into the minds of dentists and patients and communicate like he does. He solved a myriad of problems for our company while offering strong leadership directive contributing to our explosive growth.  We simply couldn't do what we do, as well as we do it, without his involvement."                                                  Korey Korfiatis
                                                CEO, Legwork
"Greg displays an awesome ability to craft words in a way that communicates exactly what's needed to connect with the hearts and minds of many different kinds of people.  I've relied on him to help me  project messages for our programs many times in the past and he never disappoints!"
Mark Milner
Owner, North Cascades Athletic Club
"We had a very complex need. This was a conceptual-stage for a new dental product. This provider is an expert in dental field, highly experienced & offered us valuable inputs. We received his expert feedback & valuable recommendations/approach. Also, provided his insights & clarified so many things. It has helped to design & refine our final product."
                                            Owner, Concept Dental Development

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