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Dr. Greg Grillo

Insightful, Responsive, Creative...

I'm a practicing dentist and partner of Grillo Robeck

Dental in Washington state. I also serve as the Content

Director for Legwork, a comprehensive dental

marketing company with a national client base.  

Although the demands of both roles command my

time, I select a few projects as a consultant and content


As an undergraduate student at the University of

Washington in 1987, my favorite classes involved

creative writing...squeezed between a heavy load of science

courses. I completed a bachelors degree in Psychology in

1991 before stepping into a blur of years at the U.W.

School of Dentistry.  

I cherish the privilege of  serving as a dentist in the U.S.

Navy for several years until I returned to private practice. During my military years, I wrote numerous pieces widely used for patient education.  Noted for their clarity and engaging content, my first materials served thousands of U.S. Marine recruits processing through boot camp. Take a deeper glimpse into my experience here.

Three magical years followed in Japan during which I served as Division Officer for NAF Atsugi Dental Facility.  I continued to find my psychology and writing background priceless in leadership roles.  Entering private practice in 1999, I developed a vision for a relationship-based healthcare setting where communication and mutual respect play leading roles. Countless original patient education and other forms of meaningful content support the philosophy of engaging patients in a way rarely found in healthcare. The success of our practice and the exceptional reputation we've developed in our region led to the addition of another provider in recent years.

In 2015, I accepted a leadership role as Content Director for Legwork.  Offering a unified marketing solution for innovative dental practices, our company excels at relationship marketing. I oversee the development of blog articles, ebooks, email campaigns, social media posts for dozens of clients, and numerous marketing productions.  The quality of our content is unmatched in the dental profession.

I've provided support for many businesses and completed advanced training with the American Writer's Association Inc. programs.  This includes live workshops and multiple intensive online courses.  An innovative writer, I've published articles in industry trade journals such as Sleep Health while maintaining membership in the Professional Writer's Alliance.

My background in healthcare, marketing, and copywriting create a vivid tapestry to write against, and I welcome new challenges in all facets of life.  Reliable, creative, and knowledgeable, I look forward to helping you communicate the benefits of your business or service.

Dr. Greg Grillo, Dental Copywriter
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