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As a versatile strategist with a broad background in dentistry, healthcare, and wellness, I provide a sweeping range of professional services.  With a clear understanding of consumer psychology, I've also written copy for industries ranging from computer hardware, grocery, digital marketing, and more. My style ranges from engaging and conversational to informative and persuasive with an ongoing commitment to my own education.  Further, I've consulted with service providers from Europe to Australia to develop targeted strategic plans to build inroads to the dental profession.

I can help you with:


Sales Letters

Web Content Optimization

Patient education materials and letters

Business to Business materials

Strategic Plans

Academic Paper Edits




Email Series

Software and App Development

Product Development Evaluation

Academic Paper Editing

Video Scripting

Social Media Post Guides for Dentistry

Sales Funnels/Landing pages



I also have strong connections with affordable and creative logo designers, web designers, and video editors that provide value and understand the dental profession.

Contact me
 to discuss your project or questions. I can help you communicate your message with clarity! 

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